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AMC Training & Consulting (AMC) understands that this is an industry where managers and teams need support to excel in the fast moving and demanding environment. We provide consulting support and auditing support for services to assist in their planning and future direction.

The AMC team is passionate, fun-loving, industry experienced and a group of qualified professionals who take a personal hands-on approach to consulting and training. Our team is available to discuss your training and support needs.

Types of Support Given

AMC recognise that learning is a journey that continues for life and occurs in many contexts, not just in formal learning environments.  Life-long learning means that each individual student will come to us with a wealth of life experience and learning.   AMC provides levels of support relating to an individual and their learning needs. 

We have identified three broad categories of student and how we will support each of them to achieve their study goals.   It does not matter which category you are in, AMC will support you as a unique individual. 

If you feel you are needing more support.  Please speak to your trainers and they will meet with you and plan how to best support you.

High level of formal experience

Support given

  • Facilitated classroom support
  • Access to trainers for questions
  • AMC source Vocational Placement (VP)
  • Support with orientation to VPA, a Support Visit and Assessments undertaken
  • One-on-one support via email and phone as needed

Moderate level of Life and other industry experience

Plus additional Support Given

  • One-on-one support face to face during classroom phase
  • Additional VPA hours as needed to development skills gap
  • Extra support in VPA as needed
  • Study group formation to support learner’s progress
  • Availability of team of trainers to support learning

Low level of life experience and cultural / ESL challenges

Plus additional support given

  • Modules for study given the week before class to pre-read
  • Tutorial Support  ½ days, during and post-classroom phase
  • One-to-one support fortnightly post-classroom phase, phone and in person
  • Ongoing GAP analysis of training needs and focused support in these areas in VPA and tutorial support
  • Additional VP hours up to 239
  • Additional Support visits
  • Repeat the classes at no cost

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